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Aethereal RP Multiverses blends human creativity with artificial intelligence to create an engaging create your own multiplayer adventure experience. Developed by the team at, this app builds on the strengths of both AI and humans to create a new type of role playing app. Create a story and play as one of the characters, and other players -- either human or AI -- will join you. Meanwhile, the mysterious Dark Violet serves as the narrator and director of the story. Human players can come and go at any time, and the story keeps on flowing.

All you need is a Title and a Description to start a story, and the narrator will take it from there, giving you and other users a list of characters that can be played. Choose a character, and respond when prompted. The narrator will integrate your response and move the story along.


  • AI-Powered Narration: Narration by AI, including the central character Dark Violet, an AI entity within the Multiverse.
  • Dynamic Story Creation: AI and human participants collaboratively create stories.
  • User and AI Characters: Users play as characters alongside AI-generated characters.
  • Responsive Design: Interface optimized for a range of devices with nine responsive breakpoints.

Technology Stack

  • Supabase: For user authentication, database, and storing AI-generated images.
  • Remix: Web framework for quick, reliable, and scalable development.
  • React & Tailwind CSS: For front-end development and styling.
  • OpenAI & Deep Infra: AI models for character and story generation.
  • BullMQ & Redis: Handling state machine for story creation.
  • Prisma: Database client.

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