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Akarso lets you add SSO sign-up to your Supabase app with 10 lines of code.

A short video explaining how it works: (sorry for my bad englisch)

Currently if you want to let your customers sign in with SSO via Supabase you have to:

  • Ask the user to create an application in their SSO provider (Google, Azure, etc)
  • Ask them to send the metadata file or url
  • Execute the supabase sso add command with their SSO metadata
  • Ask them to try to sign in
  • Troubleshoot why their SSO integration is not working (there are 100 reasons why it could not work, wrong mappings, wrong ACS url, forgot to check an option in Google, etc)
  • Spend hours of support trying to fix their SSO integration, going back and forth in the support chat

By instead using Akarso you can just add a button Setup SSO in your app that redirects to the Akarso Admin Portal where your customers can setup SSO in a few clicks.

Akarso will guide the user thorough the whole process and will collect the required information to setup SSO in Supabase.

Then akarso will redirect to your application with the SSO provider details (ssoProviderId and identifier) in the params, here you can update your team entity in the database with the SSO provider id.

Akarso is an alternative to the WorkOS Admin Portal built on top of Supabase.

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