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Analogenius is a tool that allows you to more easily digest complex topics in the terms of something you already know well. You simple input an idea or concept you're struggling to wrap your head around and select an analog in some hobby/occupation that you know well and let AI do the rest. It is built in Next.js and Supabase and uses OpenAI's api. The idea for this comes from the struggle we have all experienced with feeling overwhelmed by technical concepts or ideas that are hard to grasp. AI of course can't eliminate that problem, but it may be able to reframe an idea in a context you hadn't considered before and give fresh perspective. And at the very least a funny analogy can serve as a reminder to not take yourself too seriously, learning is a process.

There are several features that are core to the site beyond just generating responses such as viewing past responses generated by other users, filtering those by concept or analog, and users who have signed in - using supabase auth via email magic link and a trigger that executes a function after insert to auth.users to create a new profile - can store their favorite responses on their profile page and even leave likes on responses. The likes system gives Analogenius a community feel and allows users to see the best explanations to difficult concepts. I had a lot of fun building this throughout the week and learned a lot about Supabase, Next.js 13, and OpenAIs api.

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