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Autonomics is a platform aimed at creating websites that perform self-optimization.

As a first step, Autonomics is currently focusing on using AI to automatically and continuously optimize CTA buttons on landing pages through A/B testing.

It comes in two parts:

  1. Autonomics Dashboard - an open-source dashboard to manage your AB testings.
  2. Autonomics API - an open-source APIs to fetch/update your AB testings.

Tech stack

  • Supabase - Auth, Database, Edge Functions
  • Next.js - for the dashboard
  • Vercel - hosting the dashboard


Currently, Autonomics does one simple thing:

It continuously automates A/B testing of CTA buttons using AI. Every seven days after starting an A/B test, the AI compares the CTR (Click-Through Rate) of the two current CTA button texts being used. It automatically excludes the text with the lower CTR from the test, creates a new text, and begins a new A/B test with the text that had the higher CTR in the previous test.


You can check the quick demo here:

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