Made with Supabase is a company created in late 2022 by Cesco Fors using the powerful OpenAI Artificial Intelligence technology. It is dedicated to offering an innovative wine and dietary health pairing service. At, our goal is to help wine and food lovers find the perfect match for their meals, based on their preferences and dietary needs. We use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyze and compare a wide database of wines and foods, which allows us to identify the most suitable and healthy pairings for each user. At, we believe in the importance of healthy and sustainable eating, and we strive to provide matching options that fit a wide variety of lifestyles and dietary preferences. Furthermore, we are committed to quality and excellence in our service, and we are constantly working to improve our database and algorithms to provide our users with the best possible experience. If you are a wine and food lover, we invite you to try our service and discover new and exciting flavor combinations!

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