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Box Chat

Chat Anonymously Inside the Box


Box Chat is an open-source, anonymous chat app built using Supabase Realtime and Next.js. This app creates a safe space for friends to discuss misunderstandings, give compliments, or share thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. Users can also connect with global peers anonymously, fostering a sense of community and understanding.


  • Anonymous Chat: Share your thoughts and feelings without revealing your identity.
  • Private Boxes: Create a private chat room for you and your friends to discuss sensitive topics.
  • Global Chat: Connect with people from around the world and engage in anonymous conversations.
  • Real-time Messaging: Send and receive messages in real-time using Supabase Realtime.
  • Next.js Frontend: Built with Next.js for a seamless and fast user experience.

Tech Stack

Supabase Next.js TypeScript TailwindCSS Shadcn UI PostgreSQL Vercel Docker

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