Made with Supabase


It's an application that allows you to chat with people around the world in your own language.


  • Sign up/Login
    • Enable to create account by using Supabase Auth.
  • Create profile
    • By using Supabase Storage, we can add a profile image.
  • Chat
    • In addition to being able to confirm chats in real-time, messages are translated into the language set using Dart Edge.


  • This is my first app to use Supabase. All of the features were entirely new to me.
  • Making it possible to login seamlessly: with Flutter web, redirecting doesn't work well, and opening the confirmation URL results in logging in on a separate window. To create a more seamless login experience, I made it possible to automatically log in on the original window's application by listening to events via the Realtime Database.
  • Translating using Dart Edge: to translate into my own language, I used Dart Edge to hit the OpenAI API and return the results to the app. I encountered a CORS issue with Flutter Web, but I was able to resolve it using the method described officially.

What I learned

  • Basic functionality and usage of Supabase.
  • The characteristics when using Flutter Web and Supabase in combination: ex. CORS, Confirmation URL
  • Deep dive into CustomPaint for fluorescent light.

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