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👾 ClosetAi - Your Virtual Wardrobe

Introducing Closet AI: the ultimate style companion 🌟. Upload images, choose your desired topwear or bottomwear, then watch as our cutting-edge AI replaces your outfit in an instant! 🔥 Seamlessly integrated with Supabase for secure authentication, lightning-fast image storage, and dynamic edge functions, our project is a game-changer for the Supabase Hackathon. Join us and revolutionize your wardrobe with the power of AI and Supabase!

Built for Supabase's Flutter Hackathon 2024

🔥 Supercharged with

  • Supabase
  • Flutter

💚 Usage of Supabase

In our app, Supabase serves as the backbone for secure user authentication, efficient image storage, and enables dynamic edge functions, ensuring seamless and reliable functionality for our users' virtual wardrobe transformations.

🚀 Examples

EX 1 Image EX 2 Image

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Quick Look 👀

Promo 2 Image

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How to setup ClosetAi ?

Setup Instructios: Supabase

1. Create Profile table:

create table
  profile (
    id bigint primary key generated always as identity,
    username text not null,
    email text not null,
    date_joined timestamp with time zone default current_timestamp

2. Create the storage bucket 'closet-generations'

3. Add Bucket Policies:

-- Add policies for managing access to the storage bucket 'closet-generations'

create policy "Generations images are publicly accessible." on storage.objects
  for select using (bucket_id = 'closet-generations');

create policy "Anyone can upload an generations." on storage.objects
  for insert with check (bucket_id = 'closet-generations');

create policy "Anyone can update their own generations." on storage.objects
  for update using ((select auth.uid()) = owner) with check (bucket_id = 'closet-generations');

Setup Instructios: Flutter

1. Copy Environment Variables:

Copy the contents of env.example to a new file named .env.


Get the keys for REPLICATE_KEY, SUPABASE_URL, and SUPABASE_ANON_KEY from your Supabase project and Replicate dashboard Replace the placeholders in the .env file with the actual keys. Then Continue with below steps

  1. Install Flutter for your platform.
  2. Clone this repository or download the source code.
  3. Open a terminal window and navigate to the project directory.
  4. Run flutter pub get to install dependencies.
  5. Copy the Contents of .
  6. Run flutter run to start the app.


  • Refactor the whole Codebase 😅
  • Add Webhooks for triggering Emails when Generations are completed
  • Add Supabase magic login
  • Implement Local Image saving

🧑🏻‍💻 Team

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