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Codemania - The compilation is reborn 🖥️

There is no place for newbies where they can run their code, seek help to resolve doubts, and keep a check on their programming activities. We always have to visit various websites & it happens that the solution provided isn't legitimate. Codemania is a one-stop solution for tackling this problem.

Codemania is an online compiler that provides the following features

  • Code completion using ChatGPT - users can search for questions and generate code using artificial intelligence.
  • Analyze results and statistics using the "" dashboard using bar chart.
  • YouTube video recommendation at a one-stop place with user authentication.
  • Compile your code in C, C++, and Python and get the output with an easy-to-use interface.

How do we build it?


  • We have used ReactJS to built the structure of the frontend along with TailwindCSS for styling the website.
  • We care about our website into production, so we have configured the tests using Jest testing framework.
  • The history records of the users are stored in Supabase Database for rapid-fast accessibility.
  • The authentication of our website is handled by Firebase Auth. Users can sign up and sign in. For the better user experience, we have implemented forgot passowrd feature where users can reset their password.
  • The YouTube API is configured alongside the ChatGPT to recommend the best possible videos.
  • To create an analytics dashboard, we have used


  • We have used NodeJS and ExpressJS to build our backend API.
  • The Openai's ChatGPT API is configured at the backend to send and retrieve the results.
  • We have also used MongoDB Database to schedule our jobs that users have may/may not send concurrently.
  • We have used packages like child-process to access the shell so that we can compile the C/C++/Python code.
  • The secrets of the website are stored in an environment file .env to follow the best practices.
  • The functionality of the API are tested using Postman Tool.



Major Accomplishments

  • User cannot access Dashboard and Analytics unless and until they sign in. We handled private routes with care so that we can match a production ready authentication in the given time frame.
  • The data for the analytics is fetched from Supabase Database. We are successful in integrating the Supabase Database Service. Thanks to the documentation!

Code Snippet

const { data, error } = await supabase
            // Data is stored in an array
        if (data) setComments(data);
        if (error) {
  • We are storing all the code along with the language code in MongoDB Database. We are ensuring that if we encounter concurrent requests, we handle them using their respective jobIDs.
  • The ChatGPT's API code completions are up to the mark along with our recommended YouTube videos.


  • Support for more languages like Ruby & Javascript.
  • Implementing a console where user can enter the input.
  • Improving UI/UX of the website.
  • Integrating StackOverFlow API for direct user query.
  • Migrating the authentication service from Firebase Auth to Supabase Auth.


Programmer: A machine that turns coffee into code.

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