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Convo helps you practice English conversation with real-world scenarios. It is a gamified experience where you will role play with AI counter-part to steer the conversation towards a set of end goals.



Welcome to Convo, where language learning becomes an immersive experience through real-world conversations. Chat with an intelligent AI to hit targets, score points and get constructive feedback. All in the name of having fun while learning! We offer a dynamic series of practical conversational scenarios that vary in settings, styles and purposes. Whether you are a student preparing for a presentation, a professional heading for an interview, or you simply want to go about the daily norms, there is something for you.

Our innovative platform uses state of the art technology to ensure the best of experiences. The user interface is versatile, optimised for both mobile and desktop viewing, and supports dark/light modes. Join us today and get chatting about anything, anywhere, anytime!

Key features

Immersive Scenario-Based Learning

Explore a wide range of real-world scenarios. From the classroom to the restaurent, casual to formal, presentation-based to dialogue-based.

Intelligent AI Role-Play

Have lifelike conversations with our smart AI. It responds just like a real person, making your learning experience natural and engaging.

Advanced Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Speak to Convo's AI and hear its responses instantly. It's like having a real conversation, but with technology doing the heavy lifting.

Personalised Feedback and Evaluation

Get helpful tips from Convo's AI on how to improve your language skills. It gives feedback on areas like grammar and word choice, so you can become a better speaker.

Anonymous Sign-in and Conversation Saving

Sign in without sharing personal details and save your conversations for later. You can always pick up right where you left off.

Convenient Google OAuth Sign-in

Sign in easily with your Google account. No need to remember another password – just use your existing Google credentials.

Light and Dark Mode Support

Choose between light and dark mode to suit your preferences. Whether you like a bright interface or something easier on the eyes, Convo has you covered.

Responsive UI

Our user interface works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop, so we can keep the conversation on the go wherever you are.

Classic Minimalistic Elegant UI Design

Enjoy Convo's simple and stylish design. It's easy to use and looks great, making your learning experience enjoyable and distraction-free.

Tech stacks used

  • Supabase: A powerful open-source alternative to Firebase for database management.
  • Next.js: Utilized the Next.js 14 app router for server-side rendering and optimized routing.
  • TailwindCSS: Leveraged TailwindCSS for rapid UI development with utility-first CSS classes.
  • Shadcn UI: Integrated Shadcn UI for sleek and customizable user interface components.
  • Vercel: Deployed the application on Vercel for seamless hosting and continuous deployment.
  • OpenAI: Utilized OpenAI for completion and text-to-speech functionalities, enhancing user interaction.
  • react-speech-recognition: Integrated react-speech-recognition for accurate and responsive speech-to-text capabilities.
  • Framer Motion: Incorporated Framer Motion for smooth and engaging animations, enhancing the user experience.

Supabase features used

  • Database: Use supabase database with RLS policies to manage users, conversations, etc. data, and set up triggers and cron job.
  • Auth: Use OAuth google as a sign-in method. Also use the new anonymous sign-in feature announced.

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