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CourseBuddy is an Open Source Library for students, create Course/Topic threads and link your notes to it!

Using Supabase we could have an amazing community support on their Discord Server, a nice Database integration using supabase-js library and enjoying his tools; (please able us to search through multiple columns as well haha).

We believe that every student is a potential content producer, and if their content requires a place to be published to the world wide community, here we are. Like what Youtube does somehow, but we think with less barriers cause there's no need to know edit, or record videos to publish your great content, just write it well, bring this together and link it to the platform.😎🌹

And living in Brazil, with high social inequality indices, we hope we can make easy to people share their learning, to they learn more, and more learning be available to who can't afford as well.

More about CB here

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