Made with Supabase

Create Supabase App is a terminal application (alpha) that aims to help new developers, step by step, to quickly create ready to play applications, powered by Supabase.

From my experience with junior co-workers, they are afraid by "install Docker", use "brew" : they don't know what is It, and get stuck at the first error.

So, I imagine this tool.

The concept is simple : Run

npx create-supabase-app@latest 

Follow the instruction of Pr Owl and you are done : you now have a brand-new project fully working on Supabase. The first example shipped even handles database schema creation.

It's inspired by Remix CLI and your Supabase CLI.

NB : not available on npm right now (will release It in the week)

NB2 : to test, pull the project, then

npm install
npm run start

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