Made with Supabase

Deepform is the customer feedback portal from the future.

The problem is simple: You're growing your user base, but feedback is scattered across countless channels. Product managers can't keep track of all the noise. Plus, the feedback is often shallow, which means you have to dig deeper to uncover the real problems.

Here's the solution:

A feedback portal that's centralized, public-facing, and powered by Generative A.I. Your users can add ideas, vote on their favorites, and discuss feedback. The A.I. probes users for more insight, then summarizes and categorizes all feedback for you.


  1. Consolidate all feedback in one place.
  2. Uncover deeper insights and real problems.
  3. Create a sense of community among users.

I built the base product in 2 weeks using Supabase and OpenAI (with Langchain). The frontend is built in Next.js and TailwindCSS. Payments is with Stripe.

This was only possible using Supabase, so I'm so happy that it exists. Thank you Supabase team!

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