Deepform trains and deploys AI user researchers that consistently gather deep insights from your users via automated conversational interviews.

The problem is simple: for startup teams, executing continuous customer research is an extremely draining, manual, and time-consuming process that bottlenecks the team's momentum and hinders rapid iteration. Whether it's recruiting target users for interviews, handling reschedules, and conducting the interviews themselves one by one, the process sucks.

Deepform is changing all of that. We believe that A.I. will play a pivotal role on any product team someday, and that one of the key areas will be in user research. A.I. is now nuanced enough to conduct it's own deep, insightful user interviews, and what that unlocks for product teams is absolutely incredible: they can empathize with their target user 100x faster, 100x cheaper, and 100x more scalable.

Deepform is a small glimpse at that future. It's super simple: create a Deepform, and answer a simple question: what do you want to learn about your user? That will train the A.I. on exactly your research goals, and it'll run with that from there! All you have to do is copy the link to your Deepform and send it to your target users!

Deepform combines the speed and scale of a traditional form/survey with the deep insights that come with a user interview.

I built this product in a single weekend using Supabase and OpenAI (with Langchain). The frontend is built in Next.js and TailwindCSS. Payments is with Stripe.

Had a ton of fun! This was only possible using Supabase, so I'm so happy that it exists. Thank you Supabase team!

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