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DevSözlük, The project I have created is a platform that aims to facilitate communication, knowledge sharing, and question and answer opportunities among software developers. In this project, I have built a structure that allows other software developers to contribute as well. This platform enables software developers to share their ideas, answer questions, and help each other.

Folder Structure

  ├── apps/
  │   ├── web/                # Web application codebase.
  │   ├── docs/               # Documentation codebase.
  ├── packages/
  │   ├── ui/                 # Reusable UI component library.
  │   ├── config/             # Configuration files and utilities.
  │   ├── eslint-config-devsozluk/  # Custom ESLint configuration.
  │   ├── tsconfig/           # Shared TypeScript configuration.
  ├── .github/
  │   ├── workflows/
  │   │   └── devsozluk-ui-publish.yml  # GitHub Actions workflow for publishing the UI package.
  ├── .env.example             # Example configuration file for .env.
  ├── .gitignore               # List of files to be ignored by Git.
  ├── LICENSE                  # Project's license file.
  ├── package.json             # JSON file containing project's dependencies and scripts.
  ├── yarn.lock                # Project dependencies lock file.
  ├──                # Markdown file containing information about the project.
  ├── prettierrc.json          # Configuration file for Prettier code formatter.
  └── turbo.json               # Configuration file for Turbo, a tool for managing monorepos.


  • Turbo: A tool for managing monorepos.
  • React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Next.js: A React framework for building server-side rendered and static web applications.
  • TypeScript: A statically typed superset of JavaScript that provides enhanced code reliability and scalability.
  • Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.
  • Storybook: An open-source tool for building and testing UI components in isolation.
  • Supabase: An open-source alternative to Firebase that provides a set of tools and services for building scalable backend applications.
  • Yarn: A package manager that doubles down as project manager.

Getting Started

To get started with the DevSözlük project, follow these steps:

  • Clone the repository: git clone
  • Navigate to the project root directory: cd website
  • Install the required packages using yarn: yarn install
  • Go to the apps/web directory: cd apps/web
  • Create a copy of the .env.example file and rename it to .env, then update the file with your Supabase API keys.
  • Go back to the project root directory: cd ../..
  • Start the web application: yarn run dev:web

This will start the web application using the Next.js framework in the apps/web directory, as well as the UI components in the packages/ui directory.


Thank you for your contributions! We appreciate all the contributions from the community.

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