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The human brain has limitations in remembering a large amount of information over a long period of time. Therefore, having a virtual second brain is necessary to help us store more information. In recent years, I have been using Obsidian as my second brain. However, Obsidian has some limitations, such as limited interactivity and the inability to learn new information.

With the help of Open AI and Supabase, I have built Doraemon, a second brain AI. You can interact with Doraemon as a friend. Doraemon will store your information and use it to answer your questions. If your question is not stored in the information, Doraemon will search the internet and provide you with a response. You can also request Doraemon to learn new information to serve future questions.

In the future, I will integrate Whisper API and Elevenlabs API into Doraemon so that you can ask questions to Doraemon using voice and it will respond to you with sound instead of just text.

Role of supbase: I use supabase to store embeddings of user data and chat history.

The demo video:

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