Made with Supabase

Drive - a versatile file-sharing platform inspired by Google Drive and WeTransfer. With a range of sharing options, including anonymous uploads and easy file sharing, Drive empowers users to exchange files effortlessly.

Demo video:

The app is built on top of Supabase and a very versatile API allowing you to use it in following ways:

  • From the browser: either anonymously, generating public file share links (similar to WeTransfer) or logged in, providing more granual control over file access (similar to Google Drive)
  • Using ShareX: using an API Token from your account settings, you can use Drive as a custom uploader to easily host and share all of your screenshots taken with ShareX
  • Using the terminal/cURL: if you prefer, you can make direct calls to the API using cURL or similar tools, either anonymously or authenticated using your personal API token

More demo videos can be found in the GitHub readme.

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