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Echoes of Creation

A digital experience

Echoes of Creation is a digital experience that portrays the excitement and struggles artists have with their creative processes.


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How it works

The steps are simple:

  1. Open web page
  2. Wait for images to load (or the page the re-generate)
  3. Click start
  4. Scroll through the experience

Technical side:

  • pg_cron job runs every hour, creates a new "thought"
  • Inserts trigger webhook calls to Edge Functions
  • In Edge Functions we
    • Fetch the "European Paintings" pieces from the MET Museum API
    • Pick 80 random pieces, one which is the "main" art piece
    • Generate 8 variants for the main art piece via Stable Diffusion based on a description by Meta's LLama 3 model used via Replicate
    • Store this info in Storage and Database
    • Generate different text variants for "thoughts" that happen in the story
    • Generate AI Speeches for all these texts

List of Supabase features used:

  • Database
    • storing all the data, obviously
  • Functions
    • generates new imagery, text, and audio
  • Storage
    • storing images, texts, audio


We've had this idea to make a website that re-creates itself until the end of time, and heavily tied to the AI theme, for over a year. Now we had time to actually do it, even though it's more of a draft version at the moment. It's a good base to build on!

Ideas for the future

  • Improve code quality
  • Improve design elements
  • Rewrite scrolling as it's buggy
  • Add interactive elements that could use realtime features

The team / contributors


  • Amazing folks at Codrops, keep building and sharing those demos as they give so much inspiration to our work.
    • We'll credit few people directly here later as e.g. the mouse trail effect is a direct code grab from the demo GitHub repo with few adjustments. Just need to take a nap and submit the project first!

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