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What is Hop?

Hop is a Tinder-like job board app that you can hit the button or arrow keys to decide to pass or add it to your favourite job posting list.

All the development process is here!

What you can

  • Fetch job posting data via API (Thanks to @marckohlbrugge)
  • Add job postings to your favourite job posting list and view it
  • Login / Logout with GitHub account
  • Edit your profile

Why I created Hop

During the pandemic, I had a very difficult time finding a job in Canada as an immigrant. In the process, I thought that job hunting in particular should be more fun.

I felt that most of the existing job sites had a lot of text and overall very boring designs, and these made the job search process boring.

I created Hop in the hope that I could change this situation, even if only a little.

How lucky I was

So @marckohlbrugge let me use the Startup.Jobs API for Hop.

I call the API on Supabase Edge Function.


The fact that 50 jobs were retrieved together via API when the /app page of the app was launched, and that these jobs were managed in a global state.

It's hard to manage them so that users don't see the same jobs multiple times. It's managed mainly here

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