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HTTP Sense

HTTP Sense is a reverse proxy and network monitoring tool that provides comprehensive network monitoring for your backend servers and microservices. It provides a secure and high-performance gateway that can be used to monitor incoming traffic. HTTP Sense's features include real-time traffic analysis, application-level filtering, user authentication, and more.

HTTP Sense is built on Supabase and utilizes the following features:

  • Supabase Postgres database - as the primary database
  • Supabase Authentication - for RBAC & ABAC
  • Supabase Realtime - To listen to realtime DB changes on the HTTP Sense UI

You can use HTTP Sense for the following:

  • As a network monitoring tool for your production environment (using --publish flag)
  • As a reverse proxy for your server in production or even, other lower environments
  • As a debugging/monitoring tool during development, like the Browser DevTools are for the browser
  • Just for fun

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