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Our Project called InstantApply ships with both a web based platform and a chrome extension. The birth place of the idea stems from when I and my partner were laid-off from our respective workplaces.

We started job hunting actively. While doing so, we noticed it was quite tedious to fill application forms of numerous jobs, get jobs tailored to our resumes and skillsets, write tailored Cover letters for the jobs we are applying to , Tracking the jobs applied to in other to draw insights from the metrics and a host of other pain points. To this end, we created InstantApply

InstantApply has both a web app and a chrome extension ... The chrome extension enables you:

-Track Jobs being applied to on supported job boards like Lever, Greenhouse, Bamboohr etc

-Auto fill job application forms which just one click of a button

-Automatically generate AI cover letters tailored to the job description, job requirements and Your resume

  • Track Emails and Pdfs(upcoming features)

-Email Finder (get the email address for cold mailing using the company website url )

-Save Data pertaining to a job you applied for so it can be tracked.

We also built a supporting web app - where users can:

  • View and keep track of the jobs applied to
  • update their profile information -view visualisations pertaining to their job data they can draw insights on how to best position themselves
  • view job openings tailored to their skills -AI generated cover letters like the extension

Both Platforms are powered by a Supabase backend where we use services like realtime, database, authentication and Supabase functions. The frontend of the web app is bulit with Nextjs, Typescript and Tailwind Css.

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