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Invoice Kit

Invoice Kit is a tax invoice generator with customer, service, and invoice masters. The database used is a Supabase PostgreSQL container self-hosted on Docker.

Initializing with Docker

Docker is the easiest way to get started with self-hosted Supabase. Checkout the docker directory in the Supabase repository.

To initialize the Supabase Client we use the createClient() method from Supabase. You will need the KONG_HTTP_PORT and the ANON_KEY from .env. Add these values in .env.local for invoice-kit.

To request data from the database we use the built-in Supabase methods. The documentation relating to these functions can be found here. Note that some of the methods relating to storage-api might not work.

Failing Peer Authentication

When connecting to the PostgreSQL service within Docker CLI you might encounter FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user "postgres". To fix this issue update the pg_hba.conf file within /etc/postgresql. The location of this file isn't very consistent.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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