Made with Supabase

Link Hive is the easiest way to share a link from your browser, to the browser of the person you wish to send. Not that just that, you can send the mail to the email you want and they can either login and see the links you have received or they can get it on their email! We are working to add support for whatsapp and other delivery sources(like SMS). We also plan on creating a preferences setting which can be used to set the delivery methods you prefer, or none if you don't want to receive spam! We are also working on creating a URL shortener using edge functions and supabase database which will allow us to provide branding and analytics to the users(still working on this).

We use the power of Supabase Auth and Database to send and receive mails. We had the idea of creating this product for the longest of times(Me and my roommate, we are the creators) but we couldn't get started due to our classes and what not. When we saw that supabase hackathon is live (We actually decided we'll participate on 13th, in the middle of our university exams).

Our university exams ended on 16th and we worked in our free time and breaks and quickly hacked this product together. It is not perfect at the moment but we will keep growing this and we aim to make it the ultimate link sharing and statistics tool.

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