Made with Supabase is an open-source link shortener and management tool for creating, shortening and tracking.

Key Features

  • Custom Links
  • Links Management
  • Password Protection
  • Links Stats
  • and many more to come

Tech Stack

  • Next.js - Framework
  • Tailwind - CSS
  • Supabase - Database and Authentication
  • Vercel - Hosting

How Supabase powers Linkk?

Supabase helps Linkk to manage passwordless authentication. It also helps save many data to the Tables database and powers Linkk with lightning speed. ⚡️

Supabase Techs used:

  • Auth
  • Tables Database


Check out the plannings notion page here:


This is the basic prototype that has been created during this week, and further planning to add a ton of features to be added. I hope judges will find this project helpful.

Thank you!

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