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Hi there, Iā€™m Dan Ryland (@RealDanRyland). You may remember me from such hackathon entries as šŸ„‡ WINNER: Supafactor: Does your README have it? and šŸ„ˆ Runner up: Groove AI: AI Generated Drum Patterns.

What have I build this time round?

A million dollar business idea generator.

Presenting, where you can build in a weekend AND make millions.

How does it work?

I seeded the database with 611 million dollar business ideas. Each idea consists of a title, description, a suggested MVP or first prototype, suggestions on how to get your first 10 users and finally, the big one - how to make your first million.

Taking inspiration from Y Combinator's 'Request for Startups', I asked GPT-4 to suggest some typical search queries that would go along with these theme descriptions.

Taking each search query, I used Brave Search API to provide current and related news articles matching the search query.

Returning to GPT-4 I then asked it to merge the initial YC theme, the search results from Brave and generate 10 related million dollar business ideas following my format.

To automate further, I used Zapier to loop through the remainder YC themes, generate search queries then run together to get the ideas.

Within the web application you can either get a bespoke list of ideas matching an interest or you can pick 20 random ideas from the database.

Once you've selected your idea, you can read the full blueprint on making your first million including generating matching images using DALLE-3.

Ready to find your mullion dollar business idea?

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