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An AI powered WebGL experience, paying homage to Baldur's Gate 3 & Forgotten Realms

Mirror of Loss is a WebGL experience, and a Baldur's Gate 3 / Forgotten Realms fan project. It's powered by AI: all the sprites, textures, and imagery were generated via Stable Diffusion (some with the help of OpenAI & GPT-4), and background music by Stable Audio.

Demo video


This project is optimized for desktop devices, and is a bit heavy on the GPU at times! Please bare with it, or alternatively run it locally to make it a bit smoother.

Built with

How it works

The steps are simple:

  1. Start the game
  2. Use WASD/Arrow keys to move in the map
    • Space jumps/elevates the camera
    • C key lowers the camera
  3. Go in front of the Mirror
  4. Type in a memory and wait
  5. Enjoy

You can go directly to to see what kind of memories the mirror holds so far.

List of Supabase features used:

  • Database
    • storing memory groups and memories, using PostGIS to spawn memory groups at random positions without too much overlapping
  • Realtime
    • display created memories in real-time
  • Functions
    • handles the memory generation via GPT-4 and SD
  • Storage
    • storing the memories


I'm a big fan of Baldur's Gate games, and especially been loving the latest installation. In it, they introduced this Mirror of Loss which just intrigues me. So naturally I wanted to do my own representation of it. I've also been planning to learn more about WebGL, so this seemed like a good chance to fiddle with it.

Ideas for the future

  • Error handling
  • 3D models
    • now everything is mainly just pixel art due to not having enough time to make beautiful models
  • More shaders
  • Proper transitions between scenes
  • Adjustments to lighting and other styles
  • A lot of organization for the components and stuff
  • Image optimization via Sharp(?)
    • now all image loading cause blinking and loading
  • Also wanted to generate videos from the generated images, however didn't have time for that

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