Orbital - Realtime satellite tracking system

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Orbital - Realtime satellite tracking system.

Orbital is a real-time artificial satellite tracking software. Orbital is using a mathematical model to predict a satellite's current position and trajectory, and Supabase Realtime engine to notify all subscribed parties. Orbital is live at https://orbital.lh.mk and currently tracking the position and trajectory of 44 active space stations in orbit, including the International Space Station (ISS), the Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft, CREW DRAGON 5...

Supported features:

  • Displaying artificial satellite positions in real-time (every 5 seconds)
  • Predicting future satellite location / trajectory (3 hours ahead)
  • Day/night Earth map overlay generation
  • Selecting a ground station / ground control
  • Log view, displaying incoming messages and info in log format
  • Timezone panel - shows time across different timezones (including Server time and Local time)

For technical documentation (software architecture and database schematics) please check the README.

Supabase Features

  • Supabase Realtime

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