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Orbital - Realtime satellite tracking system.

Orbital is a real-time artificial satellite tracking software. Orbital is using a mathematical model to predict a satellite's current position and trajectory, and Supabase Realtime engine to notify all subscribed parties. Orbital is live at and currently tracking the position and trajectory of 44 active space stations in orbit, including the International Space Station (ISS), the Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft, CREW DRAGON 5...

Supported features:

  • Displaying artificial satellite positions in real-time (every 5 seconds)
  • Predicting future satellite location / trajectory (3 hours ahead)
  • Day/night Earth map overlay generation
  • Selecting a ground station / ground control
  • Log view, displaying incoming messages and info in log format
  • Timezone panel - shows time across different timezones (including Server time and Local time)

For technical documentation (software architecture and database schematics) please check the README.

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