Made with Supabase

Otentik Authenticator is a secure app to manage your 2-step verification (2FA) tokens for your online services. This app is compatible with Google Authenticator. The idea is based on my personal problem, every time I want to log in to a website I have to reach for my phone just to get the OTP code. So I thought that having an application to manage OTP code that could sync to the desktop would be helpful.

This app uses Supabase for storing the collections and authenticating the user. Users can signup and login using their email addresses. I have no plan for using social authentication. The sensitive data such as 2FA secret and backup code are encrypted with AES256 encryption before storing at Supabase.

The complete tech stack:

You can download the binary at the release page. Currently only supports macOS with Intel chipset. Windows, Linux, and mobile versions are included in the roadmap.

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