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Introducing Particle - the ultimate digital content manager inspired by the quantum universe. With Particle, you can easily organize and access all your digital content in one place. Our AI-powered search features allow you to quickly find what you need, while our custom model helps you better manage and categorize your content.


💡 Concepts

Spawning particles is our way of creating something new. With just a few keystrokes, you can create a link, an image, or a long text that you want to refer back to or keep track of.

  • Spawn new links, images, and text particles.
  • Tag them for easy retrieval later.
  • Need to organize your particles? Use entanglement
  • Make it observable publicly, or keep them private – your choice.
  • Do not need to keep track of certain particles? Archive them.

Raycast Extension

✨ Bespoke Raycast Extension

Raycast is an excellent productivity tool, so we created a Particle extension specifically for it.

  • Spawn new particles from your selections
  • Observe and manage your particle universe
  • Make them public or archive instantly from the extension


🪄 Magic of AI

Particle will act as your memory bank, just like the one Dumbledore had. But do not worry, no witchcraft or wizardry is involved - just the power of advanced AI.

  • Title, description or any other particle metadata fields are generated with the help of AI
  • Our AI understands the content, making it easier to find when needed.


⚡ Powered by Supabase

We have relied heavily on Supabase’s features as they have powered all of your essential services.

  • Database - One of the most important ways that we have utilized Supabase is by using their platform to create our database schema. This has enabled us to design and implement a database structure that is both robust and scalable, allowing us to store and manage our data more effectively.
  • API - Generating APIs directly from the database schema gave us access to a reliable and highly functional API.
  • Storage - Storage API allows us to store and access media files quickly and securely. This ensures our users have easy access to their saved content without any delays or disruptions.
  • Authentication - One of the hardest thing to implement right is authentication & authorization. Utilizing the authentication features made easy for us to employ various strategies.

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