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It all started in a hackathon as my group brainstormed for ideas on what we can do to help the community. Due to covid19, the hackathon, Owl Hacks, was done remotely and seemed the perfect opportunity to meet and collaborate with other developers. My group came up with the idea of creating a Pet Adoption website where people could find local pets around their area to adopt. The technology we used is React along with Bootstrap for the styling and using the PetFinder API to request information about the pets. It was tricky because some of the members were brand new to React and had to show them the ropes. It was quite the learning experience for them and me too as I never really taught React

Due to the harsh times we are in, I hope people would be able to find their own buddy that can help them. The goal is to make it easier for people to adopt pets and learn more information about the pets during covid19

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