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Penelope AI is a writing assistant tool powered by AI.

It has four features.

  • Summarize
  • Paraphrase
  • story generator
  • Auto-followed-up story generator

Unleash the power of your writing with the most sophisticated AI writing assistant!

I created Penelope AI for two reasons.

  1. To solve my own problem. I am not very good at writing, so much so that it is very hard for me to think of a headline for a landing page. So I wanted to create an application that would allow me to write intriguing texts even though I am not good at that.

  2. I wanted to use the power of AI 🤖. AI has made remarkable progress this year, and if you look on Twitter, someone is posting a thread about AI every day. I wanted to try out new technologies right away, so I took this opportunity to introduce AI into my product.

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