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Render HTML in SQL ?!

Rethink how you do web development with pg_render, PostgreSQL extension crafted with Rust and pgrx. Enter the realm of Database-centric development, where your database schema is the sole source of truth—from data model to UI views.

Render view templates with Liquid templating language, directly in Postgres.

render(h1 {{ value }} /h1, select value from table)
h1 hello world /h1

Go fully backendless by seamlessly running your application with Supabase + pg_render. Say goodbye to traditional backend complexities, and embrace a streamlined approach that renders view templates in the database layer.

Experience the speed of pg_render firsthand—prototype and develop with the lightning-fast efficiency of rendering HTML directly in SQL.

Try it now!

Docker (PostgreSQL + PostgREST + pg_render) w/ SQL Examples:

Project repo:

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