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Pickle is a platform to make silly scrapbook pages who knows, might enable you to make the next big set of punks frolicking in a Here is a video walkthrough


With design tools becoming increasingly versatile and far-reaching, we have forgotten the art of making silly scrapbooks online. Pickle sets out to be the spiritual successor to the Neopets and Geocities of yore.

How it works

  • Open the site
  • Click on "Create a Pickle" to open the editor
  • Make a new Pickle
  • Download to your machine, or publish it to the Pickle gallery.

How I used Supabase

Supabase powers the entire gallery feature of Pickle. The editor is not yet supremely powered and needs a lot of work. But whatever silly, small thing you make, you can publish it to the Pickle gallery to inspire others. Pickle currently does not have an auth - you just add your name and Instagram handle to a form while publishing your pickle. The platform uses a couple of simple get( ) and insert( ) requests.

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