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Pokitch is a live stream game that Twitch channel viewers can play. It offers a way for viewers to interact with the streamer and other viewers in real time and this is made to be fun and interactive. Pokitch is a fantastic tool that allows streamers to spice up their content with excitement and interaction while also giving viewers a more immersive and interesting viewing experience.

How did we use Supabase Realtime function? We used Supabase Realtime for inserts and updates of poke's in our database. We used the event:"UPDATE" to check the realtime data of the active poke on the Twitch channel and update the overlay in realtime when its health is low. We used the event:"INSERT" to check if the active poke has been caught and swapped with the new random poke, and update the overlay with if there is the new data.

How did we use Supabase Database? Supabase Database is where we keep track of viewer poke collections and when on which Twitch channel they caught them.

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