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PostSnaps 📸

Create beautiful screenshots of tweets and share them with your friends, followers, and on social media. With PostSnaps, you can easily capture and share the most memorable, funny, or inspiring moments on Twitter.

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Team members

How I used Supabase⚡️ (and Deno Fresh!🦕🍋)

  • Auth

    • Email OTP
    • Twitter Auth
    • Github Auth
  • Database

    • Store posts info and user profiles.
  • Storage

    • Store the posts generated images.
  • Functions - Repo here - PostSnaps Functions

    • Get information of tweets
    • Generate dynamic OG Images for the posts
    • Convert the Base64 string of the styled tweets to png and save them in Storage
    • Add/Delete tweet like count
  • Deployed on Deno deploy 🦕

Supabase tweet Explore page

Roadmap - Future ideas

  • Features
    • Generate images of posts
    • Multiple mages per post
    • Shareable images link
    • Sign in / Login
    • Save your favorite posts
    • Explore global posts liked by people
    • "Weekly featured" Section / Most voted posts
    • Highly customize image resolution
    • Embedded content of tweet (Tweet Replies)
    • Upload your Image
  • Image generation
    • Twitter posts
    • Reddit posts
    • LinkedIn posts
    • Gif Support

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