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PRBuddy is a Next.js application that leverages the OpenAI API, Git diff files, and various technologies such as shadcn, Supabase, OAuth, Prisma, and TypeScript to automatically generate Pull Request (PR) descriptions. This project is developed as part of the Supabase Launch Week X Hackathon


Managing Pull Requests can be a time-consuming task, and crafting meaningful descriptions is crucial for effective collaboration. PRBuddy automates the process by utilizing the OpenAI API to analyze the Git diff of the active branch or PR and generates a comprehensive description, making the PR review process smoother and more informative.


  • This app requires a OpenAI API Key, however for those who do not have one, they can try using "secret-password" in it's place


  • The OpenAI API limits the amount of tokens per API call, thus PR's larger in size may not get generated.


  • Automatic generation of Pull Request descriptions based on Git diff.
  • Integration with OpenAI API for intelligent content generation.
  • Built with Next.js, shadcn, Supabase, OAuth, Prisma, and TypeScript.
  • Seamless authentication using OAuth.

Possible Future Improvements/Updates

  • Track the number of "free" uses by a user using Supabase Database
  • Store user generation history, and allow updates to be made to generated PR description



This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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