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A quiz app where you can play multiple types of quiz and compete with other players

Have a look at the live demo of Quizgrad.


Live Url


  • User Can compete with other players.
  • After every win of the quiz user will be awarded a 10+ streak which can increase the booster level once it reaches the 100 streaks.
  • User can see the histories of quizzes that he had attempted earlier.
  • Users can log in and log out.
  • Once the user reaches a certain level he will be awarded some badges of quizgrad.

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone

Go to the project directory

  cd Quizgrad

Install dependencies

  npm install

Start the server

  npm run dev


This application uses Vite Environment.

  npm run dev

After successfull installation you will need to add .env file and supabase keys to run this app

Add .env file to the root folder
VITE_SUPABASE_URL= your Supabase url
VITE_SUPABASE_ANON_KEY= your Supabase anon key

How to initialize & add keys to the app in supabase

Tech Stack

  • Client: React-18, React RouterV6, Typescript, Formik Library (Client side Form validation), Framer UI
  • Backend-(DB): Supabase (postgres-sql)
  • Cloud & Infra: Cloudinary & Vercel for CI-CD Development.

Database Schema

Database ER diagram (crow's foot)

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