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Tired of writing 1500-2000 word blogs to execute your perfect SEO strategy? Rankingboost writes a SEO optimized blog between 1500-2000 words, including an introduction, pro's cons, conclusion and more.

With the use of OpenAI and 3 seperate requests, we create a descriptive and informative blog post for you, related to any topic.


The idea originates from having the issue of imagining the perfect SEO strategy, then realizing you lack time to write all the content. Rankingboost is the application I always wanted, without having to pay $30 for 10 blog posts.

The app

The template is based on Supaboost. The application on top of the AI blog generation includes:

  1. Authorization through roles (Owner/Admin/Member)
  2. Organization setup, with multiple users per company
  3. Lemon Squeezy subscriptions integration
  4. Dark/Light Mode thanks to Shadcn/ui

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