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Replay - 🕵️‍♀️🔍 Demo

Do you waste an awful amount of time locating an article you read on the internet but can't remember the site? Replay is here to help. With Replay installed on your browser, you'll never waste your time finding the site the article belongs to. Just type anything that you read on that article into the spotlight search by activating it on any webpage using Ctrl+Space, and add anything about the page you are looking for and get it instantly. 🔦🚀

Replay is a chrome extension that enables users to easily search through all the pages in their browsing history and locate the ones that they cannot remember. The extension is built on top of Supabase DB and Supabase Auth, which allows it to store and search through large amounts of web page data efficiently. Moreover, by utilizing OpenAI APIs, Replay can create embeddings for web pages, which helps to identify the pages that match the search query. 🧠💻

The use of cosine similarity search ensures that the results presented are relevant to the user's query. The extension is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple installation process and a straightforward interface that allows users to quickly search through their browsing history. The project is developed for the Supabase launch week 7 AI hackathon, highlighting the power and flexibility of the Supabase platform and the potential of combining multiple technologies to create a seamless user experience. 💪💻🤝

Overall, Replay is a testament to the capabilities of Supabase DB and Auth, as well as the potential of using OpenAI APIs to enhance search functionality. 🚀💻🤖

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