Made with Supabase

h1 align="center"Repo Watch/h1 p align="center"Watch for changes to Supabase repositories in real time/p p align="center"Made as part of a href=""Supabase Launch Week 5 Hackathon/a/p p align="center"Built With NextJS & Supabase/p


  • Real time* updates for github events (PRs, issues, comments, pushes)
  • Filter according to username, repository, event type
  • Direct links to corresponding github pages
  • Universal view (all repos) & per-repo view

*within the minute

How it Works

This project makes heavy use of Supabase features:

  • Cron job hosted on supabase triggers an edge function every minute
  • Edge function polls the GitHub API for events, processes them and stores them in database (hosted by Supabase, of course!)
  • Changes to the database are broadcasted to the frontend via Supabase Realtime

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