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Sharehouse is an innovative Australian flatmate finder platform, revolutionizing the way people search for shared accommodation.

Sublet by Sharehouse is a recent addition to Sharehouse's product offering, a tailored match making service for Short-term Accommodation in Australia. Sublet has begun servicing major cities like Sydney, and will soon grow to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and more!

Sharehouse serviced 29K visitors in 2023 and is on a steep growth trajectory.

As a bootstrapped business, Sharehouse seamlessly integrates next-gen technology, including TypeScript, Next.js, and ChakraUI for its web presence. The backend is powered by Supbase with Prisma ORM.

For mobile users, Sharehouse offers dedicated iOS and Android apps, developed using Expo, React Native, and Tamagui.

This comprehensive solution caters to the dynamic needs of house-sharing individuals, emphasizing user experience and efficiency.

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