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SkillSwipe: The Skill-Sharing Revolution (Flutter & Supabase)

Tired of the same old learning methods? SkillSwipe is a revolutionary mobile app that connects you with individuals who share your passion for learning and growth. Built with Flutter for a smooth user experience and leveraging Supabase for secure authentication and data storage, SkillSwipe empowers you to:

🔥 Discover Your Perfect Skill Match:

  • Create a profile showcasing your skills and what you'd like to learn.
  • Use our intuitive swipe feature to discover like-minded individuals based on skill sets and interests.
  • Find mentors to guide you or share your own expertise and help others grow.

💬 Connect and Collaborate:

  • Once you match with someone who sparks your interest, initiate a conversation through secure in-app messaging.
  • Discuss learning goals, exchange resources, and embark on a collaborative skill-sharing journey.

🤝 Build Your Skill Network:

  • Expand your professional and social circle by connecting with individuals who share your passion for learning.
  • Foster a supportive community where knowledge exchange thrives and skills evolve.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Create Your Profile: Tell us about your skills and areas you'd like to learn more about.
  2. Start Swiping! Swipe right on profiles that pique your interest and left on those that don't.
  3. It's a Match! When you and another user swipe right on each other's profiles, a match is made!
  4. Connect and Learn: Start a conversation, swap resources, and embark on a collaborative skill-sharing adventure!

SkillSwipe transcends traditional learning methods by fostering a dynamic and interactive environment where individuals empower each other. Forget rigid courses and impersonal lectures – SkillSwipe connects you with a vibrant community passionate about sharing knowledge and fostering personal growth.

Tech Stack:

  • Frontend: Flutter
  • Backend: Supabase (Authentication & Database)

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