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A Framer prototype game with Supabase as backend

This is a proof of concept project, to showcase how can a multiplayer game be created via any UI and a Supabase db.

Using the DB to store data and the realtime communication (through websockets) to broadcast events.

This game features:

  • Creating user accounts
  • Creating game lobby
  • Joining game
  • Playing and receiving gameplay events (player ready, win, loss, shared game data)

Gameplay instructions:
- Pick an avatar
- Make or Join a game (put 1 player to play a solo challenge)
- Press Start to indicate that you are ready to play

Prefered platform: Mobile



Framer view

The random blocks (PGB - Procedurally Generated Blocks) are smart components with 3 shapes inside and variable colors/shapes


PGB Variables

Prototype Views (Framer)


  • Character picker bottom sheet
  • Game Creation
    • Game creation bottom sheet form
  • Game finder
    • Game password modal
  • Score

Gameplay View

  • Random target block modal
  • Win modal
  • Loss modal



API Overview

User creation

  • User is automatically created if they don't exist on local storage
  • User is assigned a unique ID
  • User is assigned a custom avatar

Game creation

  • Host user is creating a game with [name, max-players, password(optional)]
  • The host is added as one of the players on the players column
  • The game blocks layout is saved on the game_data column
  • Idle games ( last_heartbeat ) for more than 1-hour are deleted

Game join

  • User finds the game through the list of games from the game finder view
  • User adds password for the game if needed
  • User joins the selected game and they are registered as the nth user on the database on the players column
  • The "guest" user is subscribed to receive events via the Realtime Supabase
  • Both players receive events when a new player registers, if the minimum_players value matches the players length

Game play

  • The "guest" user receives the pre-made layout from the game_data
  • When the "host" and "guest" both press Ready the game starts
  • When the game stars both players are presented with a shape combination to discover
  • The first one that discovers the correct combination is the winner and the winner column is filled with the player_name
  • Both players are notified via the subscription for the winner
    • The loss modal is shown
    • The win modal is shown



Clean up

  • Right now clients are responsible of cleaning up idle games that their last_heartbeat is over 1 hour.
  • Games also get removed after a winner has been declared but users refreshing the page or navigating away can leave the game in an idle state. In the future a dedicated server or Supabase function with a cron job could be responsible for handling these leftovers.


Michael Dobekidis
Twitter: @netgfx

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