Made with Supabase

The idea of the project was to easily create charts/graphics from queries on supabase using OpenAI and its meant for developers to empower business teammates on their projects.

It includes:

  1. ChatGPT implementation, after implemented saw that a lot of projects already do it, and that supabase has just implemented it on the Dashboard.
  2. Storing query history and fetching the response from the supabase db. This has been completed with a doubtly secured function that could be improved with time to avoid any SQL injection, fetching the response directly to the hosted DB or any db used as config.
  3. Showing the result as a Chart, this first implementation has a single Dougnout chart, but I'm working on adding support for more types and being able to store that config.

The overall idea was to easily use a seudo-metabase for supabase, that way new projects can create data-driven decision from non-tech founders super easy.

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