Made with Supabase

What is it?

It's a cross-platform web-wrapped Supabase desktop app powered by Tauri

Individual user project screen


Why do I need this? Why not just open it regularly via the browser?

Supabase is one of the essential dev apps that I need to open daily. Opening it straight from the dock/app tray is just a lot quicker and easier than having to click the browser icon, type the URL or click the bookmark item. It's just more convenient.

User projects screen

Is it safe to login in your app? Do you store my login credentials?

Yes, it is totally safe. No, I don't store your login credentials as I have no control. You can check the source code to make sure there is no data transferred between me and you.

User login screen

I can't install it. What's happening?

Warning pop-up

  1. Close the warning pop-up by clicking the Cancel button
  2. Go to System Settings Privacy & Security
  3. Click Open Anyway in the Supabase warning section

Resolve step-by-step

Recommended IDE Setup


npm install
npm run tauri dev


npm install
npm run tauri build

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