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Hi there, I’m Dan Ryland (@RealDanRyland). Perhaps you recall my previous hackathon endeavour, Groove AI? Well, buckle up because I'm back for round two!

If you're anything like me - a creative soul who's endlessly entertained by the ingenious world of Rick and Morty - you'll appreciate the depths of imagination that show dives into. It's the fantastic characters, intriguing worlds, and gripping storylines that always leave me awestruck.

Taking a page from Rick and Morty's vibrant visual style and combining it with the thrill of talent shows, I introduce to you: Supafactor - a groundbreaking way to judge hackathon entries.

Through four criteria: creativity, functionality, Supabase-ness and fun, our Supafactor judge will give realtime feedback on the README of your hackathon entry.

Based on Simon’s feedback - yes, we have our very own, Rick-and-Morty-inspired, Simon Cowell - you’ll then find out if you get to claim the coveted status of having the Supafactor.

Does your README have the Supafactor? Let’s find out

How does it work?

Simply log in via Github, and Supafactor will display eligible repositories created during Hackathon 8. Choose one, and watch as your README is scrutinised against our criteria using Open AI's GPT 3.5 Turbo. Anticipate feedback with a blend of cheeky wit and sass. Concluding with a score, see if your README boasts the Supafactor charm. And yes, bragging rights come with badges for those who make the cut!

Ready to test your README? Let's discover if you've got the Supafactor

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