Made with Supabase


Supapaused is a project that allows supabase users to track their paused Supabase instances.



  • Next.js
  • Supabase
  • D3
  • tailwind
  • no UI library


  • pg_cron
  • pg_net

Supabase Features


The application is not verified by Google, so it will not allow people to register. Allowing access to email is risky in general.

We can use Google as a provider to authenticate users with a basic scope of creating reading email, name and avatar. Once a user signs in, they can click the Sync button to elevate their privileges and scan their email.

Realtime & Functions

Scanning emails uses a queue. The request limit for each user retrieving a message is approximately 50/second. An edge function synchronizes the projects found in the user's email to an events table. As the queue updates the events table, we can update the graph in real time.

Storage & Functions

When a user authenticates with Google an edge function fetches and stores their avatar in a profiles bucket.

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