Made with Supabase

Need to make your API's public? No problem! We covered you. Checkout SupaProxy. An API proxy that allows you to make your API's public.

SupaProxy provides three solutions for your API

1.Rate Limit Layer 2.Cache Layer 3.Proxy Layer

Tech Stack Used.

  1. NodeJs + Typescript + Express
  2. ReactJS + Typescript + TailwindCSS

Technologies Used.

  1. Supabase Auth
  2. Supabase Database
  3. Supabase UI
  4. Redis Cache
  5. Axios

Test Credentials.

Email : Password : pintoinfant


Currently we aren't supporting new API's. We're working on it and some other features.

How to use.

Access the Frontend through Frontend and Backend base url is Backend

To vist a URL with route /api/dev-to in the hosted URL try this:

The Team.

@pintoinfant - Twitter, Github @gabrielantony - Twitter, Github

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