Made with Supabase

SupaType is a web application to take unlimited online typing tests and monitor a user's typing-speed progress in a blazing-fast manner.

SupaType was built from scratch with technologies like Supabase, Next.js, and TailwindCSS, during Supabase's Launch Week 5 Hackathon.

The web app involves taking typing test of a user and providing an instant report of his/her performance, along with storing the user's data related to the application on Supabase and providing visualization of the past performance, all using the magic of data fetching and posting using Supabase and power of web technologies like JavaScript & React.

SupaType uses Supabase-Auth to authenticate new users and generate a new profile for them, and authenticate returning users with their email, all via the magic-link authentication pattern.

SupaType uses Supabase extensively to achieve most of the targets the application demands, not limited to:

  • Supabase database to store users' data such as their username, typing history, records, etc. and fetch the same to display in the front-end.
  • Supabase auth to authenticate users with a magic link to register on the Supabase database and generate an account for them.
  • Supabase auth to let the existing users sign in quickly with a magic link.

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