Made with Supabase

SyncList is a meal prep / grocery manager app for households. You can save recipes, selects how many servings you want to cook, and it'll automatically assemble a grocery list for you.

You can also add any custom item to your list, and everything syncs in real time with all users of the same home, making runs to the grocery store much more efficient.

This app uses Supabase as an auth provider, database for saving all the required info like recipes and items, and realtime sync for the actual grocery list, which syncs based on table changes.

Dev notes: this was really fun to build, as I've learned a ton about remix, supabase + other tools which I had little experience working with. This is of course a very unoptimized app, so it'll probably feel sluggish at times (sorry about that). I'll polish it up and redesign the UI for personal use after the hackaton :)

Cheers to the supabase team!

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