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Note for Launch Week 6 Judges

This submission was supposed to have a bigger scope. I built an app for a local fun climbing competition a few weeks ago. It's a Remix app using Supabase Auth, Database, and Realtime.

Features included (see repo README for demo gifs):

  • Record your own tops via QR codes.
  • Track your current tops.
  • Automatic tallying of scores for Qualifiers. This round featured a dynamic score system where the points you get from a boulder problem is divided by the number of competitors that topped it. I also used Realtime to make the scoreboard live.
  • Timer customized to the rounds of the comp.
  • Generate finals scoresheets for judges.
  • Record finalist scores.
  • Automatic tallying of scores for finals.

I wanted to remove the comp branding and make improvements to the timer app before submitting it as my entry for the hackathon. But then SvelteKit 1.0 got announced and I of course started rewriting everything right away. Parts for my climbing wall also arrived so I got occupied by that as well.

You can still access this initial Remix version ( and I kept its code in a separate branch ( But I worked on this last week of November so I'm guessing it won't qualify for Launch Week.

So without much time over the weekend to work with, I was only able to finish the rewritten timer that uses the new multiplayer features for a view mode that syncs up with them main one.

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